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Общество Любителей Аудиокниг

Larry McKeever читает Азимова
ccmit wrote in a_book_addicted

Прелюдию и На пути к Фонду я слушал в озвучании Ларри Макивера.

Читает он не быстро, очень очень понятно, при этом он делает отстройку голосом. И весьма неплохо. Не буду говорить что он просто гений, (иногда слыша знакомый голос я думал: "вот он! пропавший робот!", но потом оказывалось что это просто еще один персонаж).

В целом чтец хороший. Читал много (как это часто бывает в аудиокнижном деле) для слепых. Фоток в инете его практически нет. Нашел только такую. На мой взгляд она не удачная. По ней не скажешь, что человек хорошо что-то читает по ролям. А это именно так.

Beginning in the midsixties, Larry worked for a time for the Iowa Commission for the Blind, where among other duties he oversaw technical production in the library, including literature recording. After he left the commission, he and Mariam opened Des Moines’ first recording studio and talent agency in 1968. That same year he became the voice of the Braille Monitor, and he continued recording the Monitor and our national conventions until the late eighties, when the NFB established its own recording studio in Baltimore.

For many years, beginning in 1973, the McKeevers owned and operated Charlie’s Showplace, a dinner theater, in Des Moines, Iowa, in addition to producing audio advertising spots and doing other professional recording business. For a time Larry even recorded some books for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

Larry was a consummate professional in his field and was devoted to the National Federation of the Blind. He generously offered his talents to the organization through the years. When he was not able to relocate to Baltimore to run the NFB recording studio, he helped to set it up anyway and trained one of his actors, Jim Shelby, who became the first NFB employee to read our material and run the studio. During other transition periods he also stepped in to read the Monitor and help hire talent. Until the 2006 convention Larry continued to attend conventions and assist first Dr. Jernigan and then Mrs. Jernigan in her suite. He also read several state newsletters, and, until he was unable to continue doing so early this spring, he was fast, efficient, and accurate in his reading. All those who knew Larry will miss his resonant voice and infectious laugh.